Sign-Up for Bio-Tracking Announcements

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Aug 142012

Announcements If you would like to receive updates about our software, please subscribe your email address in the box below: Subscribe to the announcement list Email: Visit this group

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Biotrack Pack 1.5

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Aug 132012
Biotrack Pack 1.5

*Update: 1.5 -Heterogeneous Tracking Ability (Make and track multiple models) -Parallel Processing optimization (Speed up your tracking) -Color-ID Potential (Can try to determine color-coded ID) -Trackfixer (A simple utility for making quick improvements to data) *Important: to use the new version of Multitrack, now called Manytrack, you need to put your model files into their own separate folder. Download the Biotrack Pack This is the first iteration of a modular software suite for tracking and analyzing multiple agents. Licensed under GPL it is free for non-commercial use and development. This open-source project makes use of the OpenCV, PointCloud Library, and QT libraries. Download Biotrack Pack for: [MORE]

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